Guinevere (parallel_rose) wrote,

I need help getting Psyche Corp. on Pandora radio!

Well, it seems Pandora Radio rejected my music submission, and won't let me resubmit (I can only submit the album I have on Amazon, i.e. Worlds on a String).

The only other way (based on what I see in the FAQ) is to have fans write in and request my music :

How do I suggest music if it's not already on Pandora?

When you try to add a song or artist to one of your stations, or try to create a station from a song or artist, and Pandora doesn't recognize it, please let us know!

Send your music suggestions to:

But how to get that many people to send variations of the following email:

Dear Pandora Radio,

I would love to hear some music by the band Psyche Corporation played on your radio, especially stuff from their album Worlds on a String. Please put them on!



I dunno. I can only hope. Alternatively, if enough people write but Pandora doesn't budge on Worlds on a String, it will at least remember that people like Psyche Corp. and therefore be more likely to add my next album when I'm finished recording it..

And.. perhaps to make it interesting, I can promise that if you write an email to Pandora on my behalf, I will take a picture of myself holding a thank you sign addressed to you (or the person/thing of your choice), balanced [more or less] on the body part of your choice (fully clothed, of course :P). Just write that email and name it. I will post it here, or somewhere else on the internet where you can see it.
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